Forest Park Criterium

Posted on 9:07 AM by Schottler

Nothing too exciting to say about this race. Butthead, ProPam, Mike and I went out for an easy 80 mile ride Saturday, something I usually don't do the day before a race. But, it is just training, I wasn't expecting anything out of the Sunday crit. I went in with the same goal as Froze Toes, get some good intensity.

My stupid GPS took me off the wrong exit to the race, which had my blindly driving through Forest Park (never been around there before) through a shit ton of traffic. I got way turned around and lost, so I just told the thing to take me to Big Shark and I could find the race from there. I showed up 20 minutes before the start, with no time to warmup.

The race started fast, really fast. I tried to put in some big efforts at the beginning to get my legs opened up, then sit in for a lap or two to cool down, which would usually get me ready to go. At some point, while I had no idea what I was doing or what was going on, a break got away. The main pack kept surging and attacking, blowing everyone apart, eventually dropping a large amount of the field. I spent a lot of time on the front chasing down attacks, pulling, and attacking. We were riding hard, but not working together, at all. I ended up feeling really good towards the end, I could chase down attacks and be recovered in just a few seconds and do it again and again. The last lap I got a lead out from a teammate for the sprint, however I didn't have much left in the tank and couldn't get around him, which allowed Larry Simonson (CBC) to get by me right at the line, putting me in 11th. Not happy with the result, but pleased with the workout. Average power (not normalized) for the race (80 minutes) was 315 watts, nothing super exciting, but still good.

Thanks again to Elizabeth Rangel for more pictures!

If I have learned anything from the last few road races/crits I've done, it's to start paying attention to what's unfolding at the front. Here is some Garmin/Power data stuff.
Road-Forest Park Criterium by jcschottler at Garmin Connect - Details


Anonymous said...

That's crazy, I was in the 2nd breakaway group, and my average power was 281. I feel like were close to the same weight? I am at 158 right now.

Schottler said...

I am around 158 right now as well. I think it was just really inefficient racing on my part, or I could blame it on my heavy 32 hole training wheels. Nice work though!

Justin said...

i avg 298 and 309 norm for the 1:23.


Schottler said...

Well, never mind, my Garmin is stupid. Trainingpeaks says 279 average with 323 normalized. I suck.

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