Mountain Bikes!

Posted on 2:50 PM by Schottler

Finally, I was able to ride some single track. First time since the Berryman Epic in October. I went to KC for the short track race to get some time on the new bike and remember how to turn it. Not many people showed up, only 6. I think the heavy rain the the day before and 21 degree low that morning kept people on the couch. Oh well, it's still practice. I was surprised to find out how most of the trails were dry. The course was still pretty fun, mainly in the grass and on a little bit of trail. The race was 30 minutes long and I added another 1.5 hours of riding around and rolling through the woods. Thanks to Elizabeth Rangel for taking more pictures.

This is the first time I have ridden Swope Park in like 15 years, the trails are incredible! They have been putting a huge amount if time into them, and it shows. Everyone should get out there to try them out, I think when it is finished it will be 50 miles of single track. Pretty much everything I rode was awesome.

Dan Miller, Nate Means, and I got out for 5.5 hours of gravel on Sunday, Claysville to Gravel Grumble, my favorite roads in the area. I ended up doing 80 miles on the mountain bike with no issues, it feels great.

The Spa City 6 hour is Saturday in Hot Springs, AR, and the weather looks perfect. Nate Means will be joining me on the road trip, should be fun. I am still sort of worried about racing 6 hours, hoping to not self destruct 4 hours in, but if that happens then oh well, it's March. Still trying to decide to also head down to STL Sunday for the first local race, or help out Junior in the Mizzou TTT in Columbia. All depends how I am feeling the day after the race.

Also, this Garmin 800 with Garmin Connect is incredible. So much data to entertain myself with! Also being able to record all of my rides on a calender that I can access anywhere is very helpful, super simple to track all rides/miles/hours on a week or monthly basis. Here is the 5.5 hour ride:


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