Storm Trooper

Posted on 5:18 PM by Schottler

The new bike has arrived.

2011 Cannondale Flash 29er Carbon 1.

I swapped all the 10 speed Sram XO for XX and put on some Ergon GX1 grips. Sub 20 pounds w/out pedals. It is money.

HUGE thanks to Mike at Big Shark and Courtney at Cannondale for the opportunity to help me out and get this so quickly!

My favorite thing here is the new hydraulic lockout for the lefty, never have to take the hands off the grip. Trying out the new Garmin Edge 800, it is awesome! The Joule 2.0 I was using for my power meter has some pretty irritating issues. This is much cleaner, smoother, simple, and provides more things to entertain me with.

It has some pretty smart upgrades from last year. The threaded insert for the front wheel has increased diameter, there's a plastic layer over the lower part of the downtube for rock impacts, the carbon has been upgraded with the UHM "ballistic" carbon which is supposed to be more resistant to impact, a chain stay protector that doesn't fall of once a chain hits it, and it has a better looking lighter weight stem.

All it needs now is have the stem lowered and front brake bled.

There's a STXC race in KC on Saturday I will be doing, I am not sure what the turnout will be, it's a free race with no money and no license required. I am really doing it just to get some time on the mtb and get familiar with it again, since I haven't ridden a trail since the berryman.


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