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Posted on 12:43 PM by Schottler

I developed some new pain near my tail bone on Friday while doing a short hard road ride to get ready for the weekend. I didn't think much of it, but by the evening and Saturday morning it was worse. I figured it would just go away at some point during the 87 mile Hillsboro Roubaix road race, it kind of did, but not soon enough. I read a bit about it, it's usually just related to riding too much and nothing to be concerned about. It's Monday now and I feel fine after taking yesterday and today off the bike. I was originally planning on doing the 8AM Castlewood MTB race Sunday morning with the Tilles Park crit that afternoon, but the smartest thing to do was rest and not injure myself. It's a few days into April.

Anyway, 120 people started the race and again I was at the back. I felt like total crap, accelerations hurt my tail bone, and I had no power whatsoever because of it. Not to mention this killed any type of motivation or adrenaline rush I would normally get.

The whole race I was positioned horribly, right near the back. 20mph winds were destroying the field to pieces, being at the back kept me in the gutter and sprinting hard out of corners. I constantly found myself drafting someone who was getting shelled from the group, requiring to bridge back up. There were a lot of crashes and people flying into ditches, thankfully I was able to squeeze through the mess. I was still a part of the lead group until halfway of the last lap. Again, I was behind someone getting shelled and I couldn't bridge the gap back. So the rest of the lap it was Tom Price, myself, and a couple other guys rotating. I ended up coasting through the finish with Tom for 35th place. Disappointed.

I wasn't feeling it the whole race, which sucks, that hasn't happened in a long time.

It's safe to say I have procrastinated in school more in the last month than I have any other month of my life. I am burnt out on class and research. I knew what was coming, huge hours to finish my final results once a plan was finalized. That time is now. I am down to a month to set up and run all of the finite element analysis simulations on the computer and pull results from the endless amounts of data. It's doable, but my riding hours are going to be cut considerably.

I've dragged my base miles further into the season because of this, it would have been 21 hours last week if I felt healthy enough to race on Sunday. Now that it's crunch time, my rides will be short, mainly relying on the weekend races to get/stay fit. This also means I will probably miss Sea Otter, even though I have pre-registered for XC & STXC. But, for once, school is taking priority. I have Boulder in the back of my mind pushing me through the work, a month of suffering will be worth it to get out there ASAP.

This weekend I have a MTB race planned in KS and possibly the 90 mile RR in Hermann.

Here are a couple of images from the work I have done to give you an idea of what I'll be staring at until I graduate.

I am modeling a bioabsorbable polymer screw in cortical and cancellous bone placed under bend and pull-out forces. We have synthesized and strengthened the material in our lab, now I am trying to design a screw with that material in mind to eventually replace it's metallic counterpart.


Greg Lohr said...

Cool research. Awesome to see you're designing stuff I might be using someday

Schottler said...

I'll post more on it soon when I get further along. I should be able to get a publication out of it by graduation at the end of the summer.

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