Ultra-Endurance Racing

Posted on 2:51 PM by Schottler

I seem to be on an ultra-endurance kick. I don't know why. I think I flipped some sort of switch after winning the Berryman the last two years and finishing only 6 minutes behind Manny Prado (who rocked a 12th place finish in Sea Otter XC this year) in the 6 hour race in Arkansas a month ago. I think I generally end up doing better in the event the more challenging the conditions are. Racing in the mud, rain, snow, and long epic shit pumps me up. It must be mental, I like epicness. The physical feeling you get after something so grueling is hard to beat. You remember it all, in detail.

Other than the level of epicness that accompanies 50-100 mile races, I really have started enjoying the prep-work. Organizing all of the gear that you could need: tools, spare parts, clothing, food, and whatever, which has been stockpiled over the years of racing and training, pretty much anything you have you could possibly need.

Also the eating. I love eating. The week leading up to these races for me is a free-for-all carb loading. Snacks snacks snacks, I love snacks. After the racing is a multi-day skyrocketed metabolism that makes you eat all day long, mmmmmmm.
(Someone please make this a t-shirt)

Anyway, I have obtained a position at Syllamo for May 14th. Big thanks to Scott Davis, the promoter of the Berryman Epic for transferring his spot. It is for the 125k (80ish miles) race, which is #2 on the NUE (National Ultra-Endurance Series.) I'll be racing the big boys of ultra-endurance racing. I am pretty excited. If I am actually good at this style of racing, I will know once that event is over.

The downside to these races is that I don't think I can do that many of them, they are long days, and it's a great way to burn yourself out. After a few seasons I am sure it's easier to knock them out, but I haven't done very many.

As for school, there are two weeks left in the semester plus finals week. I have finished a lot of work in the last two weeks, but it's mega crunch time now. For the next 2 weeks, commuting counts as training, and any other time on the roads will be short and intense. The stress of finishing my last two classes and my Master's degree and research is stressing me out, making the training pretty unenjoyable with my mind not free by any means.


Greg Lohr said...

Haha, that picture rocks!

Scott said...

Ultra endurance races are cool as hell. The breck 100 killed me last year. 13.5 hours. Your right though, the training, the prep, thats half the fun of the race. Everything is slowed down so much because you are not sprinting. You actually have time to look around and think... I had so much stuff in my camel back I was ready for anything. But not even a flat tire..

I remember part of the race took you through some subdivision. There was a guy cutting his grass. He looked at me like I was an idiot. I also remember looking at him cutting his grass and thinking, what an idiot. So many things and thoughts happen in the long epic races.

My legs were fucked for 5 days after the race.

Great post.

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