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Kuat Racks has generously decided to sponsor me and my racing endeavors. I have picked up their new NV, which has completely blown me away. It fits everything, light (aluminum), comes with integrated hitch and bike locks, super easy to use and assemble (did it 1-handed), and not to mention it looks 1000 times better than anything else on the market. My favorite feature has to be the built in repair stand... awesome! And they are based out of Springfield MO!

I was using a Yakima roof rack and noticed a fuel mileage change once the rack was installed. So, after a little science experiment of driving on the highway with and without the roof rack (with no bike on it), my fuel mileage deviated greatly. With a roof rack on top I stayed around 24-26mpg. Without the rack I am around 28-32 mpg. WHAT!? Have I seriously been wasting that much money pushing a roof rack around? Now with premium fuel being $4.19 a gallon, I can't afford to waste gas, but I still need to take my bikes places. The answer is a receiver hitch rack! Obviously my bike dwarfs my car, so we will see how it does on the highway, but I am confident that it will be better than 23mpg as it was with the bike on top.

Walt's Bike Shop keeps the racks in stock, so be sure to stop by and check them out.

If you don't roll through Columbia very often, here is a link for the other dealers.


Austin said...

You buy premium fuel?
It's a volkswagon...

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