Rhett's Run

Posted on 3:47 PM by Schottler

Can't race or ride outside yet, so I headed to Cosmo Park here in Columbia to support all the riders racing the UFD Rhett's Run in the cold/wet/muddy conditions. I did a lot of trail running/hiking/walking, pretty fun actually.

I don't know the details, but here's what happened from what I was seeing in the woods. Aaron Elwell and Dan Miller rode together for 2.5 laps with Garret right on their heals and Travis Donn right behind him. Going into laps 3 and 4 Elwell picked up the pace and ended up taking the muddy win by a couple minutes, with Dan coming in second. Nice ride!

Besides all that, the doc said no surgery! I have a cast, can't put any weight on it for a couple weeks. So, I am riding the trainer 1 handed every day, doing some new VO2 intervals to build for Firecracker 50, the next race on my schedule, and an important one at that. It's awesome how precise and intense intervals can be on the trainer, I think my fitness might actually improve... hopefully I'll still be able to push it for over 4 hours.


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