Snapping Wrists

Posted on 10:02 AM by Schottler

I can only type with one hand. Wrist is broken.

Raced Greensfelder in STL, sort of. It was wet and slippery, but that had nothing to do with the crash.

I started aggressively, but took it pretty conservative on the first 7.4 mile lap, with a 3 minute lead. Lap 2 my technical skills came back and I picked up the pace some more. I was going so fast I ramped a rock and did a backflip 360 over an entire uphill rock garden, but wrist couldn't handle the extreme awesomeness, so it snapped. Not really, I wish it was a good story.

I extended my leg/pedal and stretched my back on a flat easy section. My pedal hit perpendicular to a rock and catapulted me off (exact same crash as Burnin @ The Bluff 2010). I landed on the ground at a super weird angle and tried catching myself with my left hand, heard a snap right when I came down, worst sound ever. I knew it was broken, so I layed on the ground for a little while until Matt James of Team Seagal came by. He gave up his race and position to help get me and my bike out of the woods, which was probably a 2 mile hike. Half way up Bob Arnold of DRJ took over my bike pushing and gave up his race to get me back to the start/finish so Matt could continue.

From here Dan Miller took me to the hospital and waited and took my drugged up self to his mom's for dinner.

I broke my distal radius, which was reset at the hospital. I'll know on Monday or Tuesday if I need surgery. I already have a plate and 7 screws in my right wrist, I'd rather not go through that again. Trainer time will begin in a few days when the swelling goes down.

HUGE thanks to everybody for helping! The STL/como MTB scene are filled with great people.


AaronE. said...

sorry to hear. that sucks. stay off the trainer, just ride around no handed for a few months. cool of those guys to quit racing to help you out though.

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