Functional Again

Posted on 7:09 PM by Schottler

Wrist brace is off, thank god.

X-rays looked great, the two fractures in my distal radius healed very quickly and well. I have to give a lot of the credit to Dr. Curt at Focus on Health Chiropractic. Just like with my SI joint issues, Dr. Curt again went beyond expectation to get me back on the bike as soon as possible. A method of doing this is osteogenic bone stimulation. Twice a week over the last 6 weeks I have gone in for acupuncture sessions with needles in my feet, legs, arms, and then right at the fracture site. The needles at the fracture site are placed into the bone and then hooked up to an electric current. It feels like a shock collar on the arm, but not as strong, and it doesn't really hurt... it just feels different. The idea behind it, which has shown to have very positive results in many research journals, stimulates osteoblasts. This is basically accelerating the body's response and effectiveness to healing the fracture site. Another great service provided by a fantastic chiropractor to get someone back to doing what they love!

As for training, I am finally off the trainer and outside again. Some people can effectively translate trainer rides to good fitness on the road... not me. I rode the trainer just about every day, with multiple rides some days. A lot of them were hard, there was no putting around. Yet somehow I totally suck. I've tried taking a few hard digs on the road, but I have nothing. No acceleration, no anaerobic capacity.

My wrist hurts with every bump in the road and I am not confident at all in my riding capability. So, I skipped the road races this weekend. The Firecracker 50 is just a couple weeks away and I need to get a my motor back. So, I have a 4-5 hour tempo/race-pace ride planned for tomorrow (Sunday), as well as a couple other 4-5 hour rides over the next week for last minute endurance training. Next weekend I will be racing mountain bikes somewhere to get some confidence in the woods.

Definitely starting to freak out.


Austin said...

Because 4-5 hour tempo rides build anaerobic capacity...

Schottler said...

I need aerobic capacity in the mountains silly!

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