Time to race again!

Posted on 11:15 AM by Schottler

Well, it's been 2 months and I haven't raced. At the last second last weekend I decided to race UFD Brommelseik in STL after getting my bike back together. Unfortunately, the rain had different ideas and cancelled the race. Instead I went riding through the woods with some friends to regain some technical skills. To my surprise I wasn't too nervous about flying through the trails with a freshly healed wrist that's just ready to snap once I hit the ground again. I wasn't as smooth or as fast, but still not bad.

I am driving out to Breckenridge this Sunday to race the Firecracker 50. It's my 4th year in a row racing it and my first year lining up with the Pro's. The 11,000 feet of climbing in 50 miles and maxing out at over 11,000 feet puts me at an obvious disadvantage with the local mountain goats, but I already know what to expect. Tactics this year will be different from last. At this elevation you can't redline yourself like at sea level. Locally I am able to skyrocket my hr at the start and hold it there and easily recover. When there's no oxygen, your body recovers MUCH more slowly. Last year I floored it up the first 1,500 foot vertical climb and suffered with no power the entire first 2+ hour lap. I sucked. But I learned, I will keep an eye on the hr and race my own race. With my fitness not where it should be, I don't know what to expect. My anaerobic capacity is coming back, but I am not in race shape. I can still motor all day at a tempo effort, but suffer beyond that.

Anyway, I am still super excited. I need a vacation, even 2 days out there will be great. The day after the race I plan on heading to Boulder and find some good dirt roads that go through the foothills for 4 hours or so, should be fun. This will probably put me over the edge on planning a move here.

The following weekend I have a gravel/road ride planned to KC. I have it mapped at 158 miles on the cx bike. Riding there and back at endurance/tempo effort should be some good Leadville training. I've never ridden that long before, but it shouldn't be a problem.


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