Finally got the monkey off my back

Posted on 7:47 AM by Schottler

The Firecracker 50 on the 4th made me realize my weakness now is short term power and anaerobic ability. I did a 5 minute power test last week to confirm this, it sucked. Well actually I couldn't focus or get my heart rate over 185. I have trouble doing 'tests.' I just find myself staring at the power numbers and counting down the time until I am done, not focusing on going as hard as I can. I get stressed out over it, I am always worried about low numbers, which will usually lead to a lower number. Maybe it's just riding on the road, I never really get any adrenaline moving anymore on road rides. In MTB races and CX I can just destroy myself and be fired up with a smile on my face the whole time. This all kind of makes me think I should sell my powertap and powertap trainer and replace them with a SRM for my mtb. What's the point of owning one if you can't focus enough to take advantage of it? Even when I ride my mountain bike on gravel roads and the trail I feel much more comfortable and have the ability to ride harder and faster. It makes a lot more sense to use it for intervals and tracking TSS for training rides and races.

Anyway, I did my first short XC race since my I broke my wrist. 5 4.5 mile laps at Brommelsiek in STL. It was hot, around 100 degree's in the grass. But I don't mind the heat, I've discovered I ride very well in hot temperatures.

17 starters in the Cat 1 field and I found myself 4th wheel in the single track, not knowing what to expect. Ploch, Sam Moore, John Matthews, and myself. About 1/2 way in the first lap a gap opened in front of Sam and I went by after Ploch. I got on Plochs wheel for the rest of the lap and the first half of the 2nd lap. Then I took a hard dig in the grass fields to put in some time, which seemed to have work. On the 3rd lap I slowed it down a bit to try and recover, which allowed Ploch to nearly get back on my wheel, so I hit the gas again. I basically just stayed full gas the rest of the race. I ended up winning in under 1:39, almost 2 minutes up on 2nd. Lap times were all very consistent, my last lap was almost my fastest. I could have done at least 2 more laps at that effort. Average heart rate was pretty insane at 186 for the whole race. It's awesome how much faster you can go without any low back pain, the only limiters are legs and lungs. Here's the Garmin data. You can see where I was resting at 20-30 minutes and where I attacked at 30 and hit 195.


The course was one of my favorites. Super smooth, way fast, and flowy, but it could use some longer climbs.


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