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Posted on 7:24 AM by Schottler

Dan Miller and I talked each other into racing the dirt crit in STL yesterday. I've never done one but heard good things. 50 people on the starting line, literally all in one big starting line. Big sprint, u-turn, sprint, single track. I had a bad start and was more than 10 people back in to the single track, but quickly moved up to the top 5. It eventually dropped down to Eric Pirtle, Dan Miller, Chris Ploch, and myself. It was FAST. No elevation gain, no technical sections, just pure speed. So fast that drafting had a huge effect. It was basically just a pain train flying through the woods. I took a huge dig on the 3rd or 4th lap and looked back to see everyone still there... shit this will be tough. The course made it difficult to break away, so it really all came down to who was in front before the creek crossing. I wasn't in the front. Dan got in the front, I followed his wheel but was pushed off course when trying to get around Pirtle who was getting around a lapped rider. So much for that. All 4 of us came in together and I was 4th in line, bummer. I was well within my comfort zone the whole race, I should have been more aggressive. I still seem to be lacking high end power, my legs are snapless. Fortunately the Leadville 100 will really only require grinding all day, which I can still do. Totally awesome race though! Very good atmosphere and well put on series, I wish I could make it to the next ones.

Next Thursday I am driving out to Colorado for a 17 night trip to race, ride, relax, camp, and acclimate for the Leadville 100. I'll be racing Crankworx pro xc on the 30th in Winter Park, which should be rather painful. I cannot wait. I got a new old man 3.5" thick car camping thermorest, MSR camp stove, sleeping bag, coffee press, and a couple of books to entertain myself with while solo camping. Cameron Chambers has generously offered a bed to sleep in for part of the trip, a huge thank you! This trip will be amazing, I might just not come back.

Unfortunately, I will still have to do some school work, so I will be coffee shop surfing for some wifi to remote desktop in.


jimirings said...

If you find the riding and camping thing addictive, you should get yourself a bike with racks and tag along with me and The Lady. That's pretty much all we've been doing this year: touring and training for it.

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