Upcoming Races

Posted on 1:07 PM by Schottler

I was planning on taking a week or two off after Leadville. Unfortunately that race has pushed me pretty far in to the season, I usually take 2 weeks off at the end of July. So, if I took too much time off now, I won't be back to good form for some upcoming races I am targeting. Instead of time off, I have been doing some limited intensity rides with a few more rest days than usual, I think it will be enough.

Sept. 4th is the Shenandoah 100 in Virginia. As of now it is full, but I think I might be able to get a spot in the race.

The weekend after that is SAC River 6 hour. I won it last year and wouldn't mind going back for it again, very well put on race!

The next weekend is Hermann CX weekend and I will be starting day 1 with the leaders jersey from our 2 lap rain throw down last year.

Weekend after that is the Rapture in Misery 6 hour. It seems to have had some good competition the last few years, I'd like to throw my name in the hat.

And then of course in October is Burnin' at the Bluff and the Berryman Epic. The Berryman is what I am shooting for. I have a HUGE target on my back with some serious horsepower coming out to go for the win. I am up for the 3peat. I want it bad.

Cross season starts here pretty soon and the early races seem to fit pretty perfectly between these long races, so it should work out well. Considering I haven't taken more than 5 days off in a row this entire year and really haven't taking very many rest days, I doubt I will survive racing every weekend all the way through December. But, we will see.


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