Hermann CX

Posted on 5:11 PM by Schottler

(Thanks Derek Fox for the pictures!)

It's officially the start of cx season! The 2 day Hermann cx event is always the best put on local race of the year. The night race is always epic.

I don't really know where to start with the race, I will keep it short. 32 starters with some fast dudes from Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, and Oklahoma.

7 of us got call-ups; previous Hermann winners and state cx champions. I was the last call-up with the leaders jersey from winning the 2 lap thunderstorm throwdown last year. The start of the race wasn't too intense, but I was toward the front in about top 5 and moved up to 2nd and pulled the team tactic card... wait for Le Butthead. Lap 3 or so Butthead got up to our group and I hit the gas hard and got a gap instantly.

I kept on the gas and built up a pretty large lead and Butthead attacked the group and got a gap. But Jason Rassi caught back up to him and they were both bridging up to me, so Butthead quit pulling. I stayed away for the rest of the race and ended up taking the win by about a minute. This is mainly due to Butthead tripping on the stairs and blowing his front tire, bummer.

Here's a pretty awesome video of the race made by my old roommate, Brent Davidson.

Sunday didn't really go as well, I wasn't feeling it. Saturday nights spectators were freaking amazing. I had a large number of friends who came in from Columbia as well as St. Louis, most of them were drunk. The screams and noise throughout the entire race was epic. I have to give a lot of credit to them for my Saturday night performance. Sunday was a bit dead, I had no fan club. Motivation level was low for some reason and my legs weren't great. My goal was to win the overall and make sure Josh was up far enough for us to win the team competition.

After the start I stayed 2nd wheel for most of the race, waiting for Josh. With 3 laps to go it was Devin and I with a 20 second gap or so, Josh yelled at me from across the course to attack... which Devin obviously heard. Not going to be much of a surprise. Unfortunately for me, I generally can't attack that far along in to a race, especially when I'm not really feeling it. Devin pulled off the front on the paved section and I went to the front and did what I could through some of the technical sections for a whole lap, I got at most 7 seconds, but Devin was able to bridge back up to my wheel. He attacked with 2 to go on the pavement and I stayed with him, but really felt it on the stairs. That's where the gap started. That was pretty much it, I couldn't get back up to him, finished 2nd. Congrats to Devin, he rode very well all weekend, definitely going to be a contender in every race this fall.

I ended up winning the overall and keeping the leaders jersey and Big Shark won the team competition. Pretty crazy payout for 2 hours of racing as well, now I can start paying off all the bikes I can't afford. The best part was the oversized check!

AMAZING event! Awesome job done by Jeff Yielding and the volunteers. I totally see this event growing bigger and bigger every year, it's by far the best local cx race around.

Tonight is the UCI cx race in STL. I am racing Elite, first ever UCI race. It is going to hurt, I have no expectations. Hopefully the hometown screaming spectators will make me go fast.


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