Manions CX

Posted on 11:15 AM by Schottler

Headed to KC to race their season opener on Saturday, Manions cx, which is in its second year. Last year it was pretty hilly and challenging, but fun, and a well put on race. The field wasn't large, but still some fast dudes showed up. I started towards the back, which isn't really ideal since this course doesn't give much opportunity to pass. It was probably the slowest cx course I have raced. It came down to proper tire pressure, handling skills, and able to accelerate and recover quickly.

Tire pressure took a while to figure out, since the course was super bumpy you didn't want pressure, but due to the endless 180 degree corners, you needed the pressure to prevent your tires from folding over, so I ended up running nearly 35 front and rear... I was bouncing all over, but I could take the corners with some speed and not worry about having to corner on my sidewalls. It was a give or take, and I took the faster option.
I managed to move from the back to the front by the end of the first lap and I hit the gas. I got a gap going in to the 2nd lap and it grew every lap for the remainder of the 60 minute race, leaving me with a lead of about 3 minutes or so. The course was a low back breaker for sure, lots of bumps, and out of the saddle sprints every corner (there were about a million corners.) My race was nearly flawless, only a few mistakes. One was accelerating too hard out of a corner and swinging my rear end around pointing me through the tape. Nearly every corner my front tire was just sliding across the course, pretty fun to be able to do that in a controllable way. For the most part it was a great race to build some slow grass turning skills. Here's another race recap at
Boss cross is this Saturday and Sunday in KC. Weird to think I will already have 7 cx races done this year once those are over. I may also have some pretty big life changes coming up soon, which may affect some bigger races this fall. Changes that I have been dreaming of since I first started my bachelor's in mechanical engineering 7 years ago. If I miss a few of the races, it will be worth it. I am stupid excited.


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