UCI Gateway Cross Cup

Posted on 10:58 AM by Schottler

Last night was my first UCI race. I had no expectations at all. Butthead told me everything he could about what goes down and what to do. Basically just ride really really hard and never slow down. Got it.

30 or so dudes lined up for the pro race, I was 3rd row, which was basically the back. The start was chaotic with a crash right in front me in to the first corner, thankfully I was able to maneuver around and begin chasing. A group of leaders almost immediately got a gap and I was in the chase group. I was at the end of the chase group after chasing it down from the crash and going around a few popped riders. Unfortunately for me the chase group was like 7 or 8 super strong dudes, including Barry Wicks. This meant the accordion effect was really screwing me up, I had to slow down way before the corners and chase like mad out of the corner. This lead to me getting popped out of the group, bummer, that would have been a guaranteed top 10 finish. My low back locking up after 15 minutes didn't help me out too much either, thankfully this sort of went away after about 35 minutes.

Eventually Butthead and Devin Clark attacked away from the following chase group and I linked up with them for the remainder of the race. Soooo much easier than trying to ride by myself on a course like that, drafting played a big part, it was fast as hell. I was eventually recovered with 2 laps to go and really should have gone to the front to try and pull back a few more riders, but I didn't, I don't know why. I attacked with a few corners to go and got away for a 13th place finish, followed by Devin and Josh. Results

Overall, it was hard. I was really disappointed I couldn't stay with the chase group. If I were to pass a few of the dudes and get in to the middle of the group it would have been a lot easier. Oh well, the whole deal was really just a big learning experience. I can't complain with a 13th place finish in a pro cx race.

Thanks to everyone who came out and cheered on the locals, it made the effort much more bearable! Mike Weiss put on a hell of an event, I might actually travel to some bigger cx races... we will see.


cleeland said...

Quite the learning experience. I would do it all over again.

Matt said...

That's awesome dude. Congrats and get your ass in some more big CX races!

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