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For the past month or two, I've been forcing myself to ride my bike. Normally I take a couple of weeks off in late July to give myself a mental break and get psyched for the remaining races of the year. This year, with Leadville in August, that break never happened. I've been told I haven't really done that many races this year and there's no reason why I would need a break. It's true I haven't really done that many races, but that doesn't mean I haven't been training. There's still a pretty heavy training load, even while riding the trainer with a broken wrist for 6 weeks. And, as I have learned this year, long races and training for them really take it out of you quickly. The majority of the MTB races I have done this year were LONG! over 27 hours of racing in just 4 of the races.

I haven't trained since the Berryman and it's been really nice and relaxing. Last week I let myself eat whatever I wanted, which I really only let myself do over the holidays. Last week I also had my the defense for my Master of Science in mechanical engineering, which was incredibly painful, but I passed. Thank God that's over, I've been dreading that day since I ever considered graduate school. This Thursday is my seminar presentation in front of all the engineering graduate students, which I have also been dreading. But it will be a cakewalk after that defense, I am not nervous at all. All that will be left are thesis corrections and I'm finally done with school, 7 years later.

Now I am realizing I have violated two of my rules to prevent SI joint pain... taking time off and running. My SI joint hurts again, which means more time off plus lots of stretching. I most likely will take the next couple days off and start back slow with some easy spins, not sure about racing this weekend.

In the meantime, I am trying to plan out races for next year. I see myself doing some more long ones, and will probably do at least 5 NUE races to see if I can possibly podium the overall.

Here's my new dog, Georgia. She seems to have some separation anxiety issues which I have been working on pretty hard... new dogs are a lot of work. Also training her to run with me while I ride, she's picked up pretty fast, only a matter of time before I can go mountain bike riding with her.


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