Bubba #7 & 8

Posted on 9:17 AM by Schottler

Before the couple of people who read this get bored, Columbia is going to have it's 1 and only CX race of the year, put on by CBC. We drive to both ends of the state every weekend for everyone elses races... so come to ours... or else. Or else what? Exactly.
On to the boring racing stuff. Saturday was Bubba #7 at Concordia Seminary. I got a horrible start and shoved back to 10th in to the first couple corners. I got to the front on lap 2 and put in an effort and got a gap. Eventually it was big enough that Butthead tried to join up with me, so I slowed down. But, he took a digger on the log so I picked it up again. I ended up taking the win. The course was one of my favorite of the year, pretty mountain bikeish. Jumping the log every lap was pretty fun. (Thanks Dennis Fickinger for this awesome shot!)

Sunday was Bubba #8. Pretty much the same story. I attacked and Butthead rode up to me, and we rode the rest of the race together. Furious braking across the line photo finish, Butthead got it. Also, I suck at cornering and sprint out of the corners too hard apparently.

(Thanks Chris Creed for all of these other good photos!)

Thanks to Mr. Butthead for gluing up a couple of tires for me.


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