Como Awesomeo and 2012 Schedule

Posted on 9:00 AM by Schottler

Columbia's one and only cx race took place on Saturday about 9 minutes from my house. It's so nice to race with such a short drive, tons of time to accomplish things, like sitting on my couch more. Actually, working to finish my thesis revisions.

Anyway, the race was lots of fun. Mr. Josh Johnson designed the course with CBC's help setting it up. It was tons of fun, super flowy, good to know he's still good at something. Actually, he was riding very well too. Butthead lead the first lap, followed by Dan Miller the next two laps. Pace wasn't very hard at this point and I was comfortable and figured it was my turn to do some work, so I pulled the next lap and picked up the pace, hoping to get a small gap on Dan through one of the sections and hit the gas. I felt alright, and jumped the railroad tie section and my tire popped off the rim when I landed... and crashed. Dan then crashed in to me, sorry Dan! Limped back around the course to get my pit bike. I stayed behind Dan as we bridged back up to Butthead, but I eventually lost his wheel with my low back starting to seize up. From here on, I sucked. Forgot to let pressure out of my clinchers and I was bouncing all over. It would have been difficult to stay with those two anyway, Dan is fit as hell, Butthead was riding very well, and I just want to ride my bike and have fun at this point. They rode together the whole race and sprinted for it, Dan took the win. I skipped Sunday's race to finish and submit my thesis revisions. Strongly considering riding for fun the next 3 weeks instead of racing, next year will be a long one.

I have put together most of next years racing schedule already. I learned this year that big national endurance races can fill up in just a couple of minutes, so planning ahead and setting an alarm to register is important. Schedule is currently based around me getting a job and being able to afford the travel... and vacation time. Here's the tentative schedule:

April 11, Ouachita Challenge
April 28, Cohutta 100
May 19, Syllamos Revenge
June 2, Dirty Kanza 200
June 16, Lumberjack 100
July 14th, Breckenridge 100
August 11, Leadville 100
September 1, Park City P2P
September 15, Chequamegon Fat Tire, Hermann CX, or Marathon Nationals
October 20, Berryman Epic
November 5, Iceman Cometh

5 of the races are the NUE series. They take best 4 for the overall championship. It will be a busy season, but I am pretty excited about it. I have my coach set up for next year as well, I really have no idea what to do to train for so many long races... besides riding a lot.


Scott said...

Thats like a 1000 miles of MTB racing. AWESOME!!

Not that this will help you, but here is my take on the Breck 100 in the form of a really crappy blog post. Plus some pics, and even a dirt crit. I would say 75 to 80 miles of the race is single track. Its good stuff too...

Wendy Davis aka. Sasha said...

I would skip the Ouachita race for a non race of similar length that is free and close to home. Details to follow later. Think about it

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