NUE Series

Posted on 9:47 AM by Schottler

The 2012 series was just announced. After doing a couple 100 milers this year plus numerous 50+ mile races over the years, I am becoming addicted. People warned me of this.

Before I get in to it, something quickly caught my eye. The Berryman Epic may be in the 2013 calender. I guess I can say goodbye to some easy money and hello to some insane sub 4 hour competition.

Anyway, I've raced pretty much everything at this point besides a stage race, and I really enjoy it all. Traveling to bigger races will probably be my thing next year and the foreseeable future, but it's expensive. Green Beans always had a good rule of thumb for traveling to races, if you get to ride almost as long as you sat in the car, it's worth the trip. I am not too strict on this rule since I would rather not ride for 12 hours with a one-way trip, but it's a good thing to think about. So, for me, the longer races make the drive and preparation well worth it. Not to mention the buzz experienced post-race lasts for weeks, instead of a day at the most from a short 1 hour effort. So, I will probably be doing 5 of the NUE races, plus some others along the way.

As for the NUE, here's what I sort of have planned:
Cohutta 100, Tennessee, April 28, already registered
Syllamos Revenge, Arkansas, May 19
Mohican 100, Ohio, June 2
Lumberjack 100, Michigan, June 16
Park City P2P, Utah, September 1

I put my name in for the Leadville 100 lottery, hopefully I will get to take a crack at that one again.

In addition to the races, I think I have decided to something with my training I've been against. Get a coach. This year I have had very little motivation to get myself out on 'hard rides' to do intervals or power tests. I didn't even do a power test this year, I can count how many timed intervals I've done. I don't even know if I got faster this year. I think I got smarter, smoother, and improved my racing skills, but powerwise, I don't think I improved much. Anyway, having someone tell me what to do who knows what they are doing will get me more focused. Not having to worry about when to ride or what to do will take a huge weight off my shoulders, especially while having a full time job. I want bigger results next year.

I started riding again, a little. Motivation to race is still sort of lagging, but I'll try to race cx for fun for the rest of the season. I won't travel anywhere, only local stuff.

This will be arriving either this month or early next year. Will be rocking a hardtail and full suspension 29er. Gonna be sweet.


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