2011 Wrap-up

Posted on 10:18 AM by Schottler

I feel like I just wrote about this for 2010, weird. This year has absolutely flown by, I am not sure why that is, maybe because I have been anticipating big life changes, waiting week by week. Unfortunately for me, I've waited the whole year with not much to show. If things start going my way, 2012 will be a great year. I mean it better, it is the last year of all our lives.

Racing in 2011 went pretty well with the effort I put in to it. I have to admit my motivation to train and race has been pretty low the entire year. I hit a plateau with my fitness and training plan (or lack thereof,) and wasn't able to clear my head of finding a career or finishing grad school. It's apparent that 2012 will obviously need some huge changes if I actually want to get faster on the bike and make it through the whole season with a smile on my face.

Anyway, I still had some race results I was really happy about, despite breaking my wrist and being stuck on the trainer for 6 straight weeks early in the year. Finishing Leadville in 7:37 was a huge accomplishment for myself. Tying for 3rd overall in the USAC Pro UET MTB series was pretty cool. A 2nd place finish at the Spa City 6 hour, racing with Manuel Prado for over 2 hours and only finishing 6 minutes behind him after 6 hours. 7th place at my 2nd ever 100 miler, Shenandoah 100. I didn't get that many mountain races in, but I still had some strong fitness coming in to cross season, which lead to a bunch of wins and a 13th place finish at UCI Gateway Cross in STL. That fitness really disappeared as the cross season went on, so I continued racing for fun.

Like I said earlier, a huge change in training is in store for 2012. I think it's called a training plan or something. Coaches can make them to get you doing the correct thing to build fitness and prepare your body to survive the entire racing season. So instead of mindlessly pedaling around in the endurance zone every day, workouts are prepared. It's time to quit winging it and jump over the plateau and set some real goals and get fast.

Before the heavy training gets started, all the bikes are getting ready, and finally cleaning my poor car after destroying it from 20k bike race miles.


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