Train train train

Posted on 4:26 PM by Schottler

My first week out of school and back to training ended with about 22 hours of riding. It consisted of a lot of gravel, a couple 5 hour solo rides, and a Tour de Parks with Green beans. I don't know how it happened, but he lead me on a long mountain ride from his house all the way out to Rock Bridge mainly on single track. You know someone has been riding a long ass time in Columbia when they take random turns, jump a curb, and back to mystery top secret single track. I will need to do some more of these so I can try and remember where the hell to go.

My legs seem to be done complaining, I did a few 10 minute intervals at the end of an Ashland earlier this week, which resulted in some more records. Apparently my lower back issue under intense efforts isn't gone... which isn't good. I need to figure out how to fix this soon. It's irritating when you watch your power drop and drop... along with the heart rate when you are trying to maintain the same effort, just because your lower back sucks ass.

I have ordered my new GT cross bike. I have big plans for it when it arrives... along with ordering a second as a pit bike.

Looks like I am going to Alabama by myself for the Bump N' Grind, which is fine, it will be a good time to relax.


Posted on 7:59 PM by Schottler

I have officially graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelors of Science in mechanical engineering. It is now time to start the training again... once I get over this cold that started the summer. I have lost some speed over the last few weeks, which have had some pretty low hours, along with sore and tired legs. Hopefully they are done complaining and I can get back into a training regimen. I have preregistered for the Bump N' Grind race in Alabama on May 31st. I will probably be traveling out there by myself, but hoping to find someone to come with me so I won't be bored. Either way, it will be a good trip and a good time to relax, along with one of the best mountain races in the country. Hopefully I will get some speed back by then, but we'll see. Rhett's Run in Columbia is the week after that, which I am super pumped for, since it's on my home turf.

I plan on racing until about the 24th of July, after the mountain bike national championships in CO, then start the base miles again and prepare for some cyclocross carnage.

More cancelled races

Posted on 5:39 PM by Schottler

So we have been constantly getting pounded by rain for a while now in Missouri, which has lead to numerous rained out races. This past weekend I was planning on racing at Castlewood in St. Louis, but it was canceled, just my luck. I've still been continuing my training plan and replacing these missed races with some high intensity efforts, so I will be ready to peak at the right time of the season. My next race is going to be Bump N' Grind in Alabama. This is supposed to be one of the best mountain races in the country, and is a Norba National, which will be a good experience. It will be on my birthday, May 31st, a good present to myself. If anyone wants to join me for a free trip to help out/race/keep me company than let me know.

As for the training, I made a rookie move today on our weekly training circuit race. I got lost and about pushed this guy into a dumpster. Actually, I couldn't stop looking at his fragile teenage boy figure and pounced on him.