Done Again

Posted on 3:01 PM by Schottler

I went to my parents house over Thanksgiving to spend time with my family and ended up sleeping on an air mattress. After a couple nights of this I noticed something wasn't right with my SI joint. Day 3 I had nasty sharp pains in my left SI joint, enough that I could barely walk. The next night I was given a bed and it was still there the day after. I definitely couldn't pedal a bike, especially dismount and run, so I had to skip Sunday's race. I am still feeling it today and it has me to the point of ending the season again, after a week of somewhat hard comeback training. I haven't had this kind of pain in the left side yet, probably not a good sign.

It sounds stupid to get a sports injury from sleeping bad, but when thinking back to when it became super inflamed, I had a bad night sleeping on something unsupportive... like a couch or air mattress. I don't know if I should relate the two, but it seems like I should.

Either way, my season is over and I am going to get back to fixing the cause of the issue and come back stronger next season. I am already excited for 2011 CX.

In the meantime, I am going to nerd out and keep myself busy by building a home theater computer (HTPC). It will be set up with a dual HDTV tuner hooked up to my wireless network to turn the computer into a HDDVR and Blu-Ray server with Windows 7 Media Center. Should be done with this on Wednesday. I'll take the opportunity to post about how big of a nerd I really am.

I'll also be building another powertap wheelset for the road bike with the new Joule 2.0 computer. Completely going against the Butthead training plan and what I felt was right this year.


Posted on 8:11 AM by Schottler

I finished my 2 week break off the bike and went for a spin Friday evening and on Saturday. To my surprise I didn't feel all that bad.

I went against my best judgment and decided at the last minute to go race Bubba #9 at Mt. Pleasant. The course is on a side of a hill making it pretty difficult, I won it last year and it was the first CX race I had won. The race really ended up how I thought it would, however things could have gone better.

I missed my call-up at the start and ended up in the 2nd row. Got a horrible start and was pushed back somewhere around 15th. At probably 2 minutes in on a rough descent my bars spun down, got my pit bike, ended up back on the course right near last. Got my bike 'fixed' on lap 2, back to the pit to get it, last place again. Bars were tightened but not rotated back up, couldn't ride it, back to the pit lap 3, ended up back of the pack again. Lap 4 I was back in the pit to get the race bike, bars were rotated back up and tightened... and back of the pack again.

At this point I think there were about 8 short laps to go, Butthead waiting for me the whole time and we had A LOT of time to make up. The leaders were way gone and the course was not at all fast... big time difference. I went as hard as I could at this point with Butthead in tow and we started picking off riders. Butthead was feeling sick and not right, mostly from having the flu all week, and did the smart decision and pulled the plug to not mess himself up more.

I just kept pushing it as hard as I could. I caught up to Jeff and took over the 3rd spot and was closing in on Dan and Devin. With about 4 to go I thought I was going to catch them. Dan then took off and I was within seconds of Devin. Devin was able to hold me off and Dan took the win.

I guess I can't really complain, I rode well just getting over pneumonia and no exercise for two weeks. I would say my fitness was about 70% of where it was before I got sick. Captain Hindsight told me that if I didn't have to keep switching bikes and got a good start I would have given Dan a better race.

The last Bubba race is next Sunday, with the state championship the week after, fitness will hopefully be back by then.


Posted on 12:43 PM by Schottler

I decided to take the time off. The doctor told me I should get back into riding very slowly. I explained to her what cyclocross was and she quickly responded with telling me that racing that would be a horrible idea.

I am trying to take 2 weeks off but somehow talked myself into riding for an hour and a half on the trail on Saturday. Somehow my legs felt great, but I spent most of the time coughing crap up. Riding will pick up again at the end of this week and the gym will start very soon.

I am also going to be changing my winter training a bit. I still plan on 20 hour weeks of gravel, but I will pick up the intensity a bit more, specifically 20 min. efforts.

I decided to race for Big Shark for next mountain season and I'm currently deciding between two new bikes:

The first is the Scott Scale 29 RC. The second is the newer version of my current bike, Cannondale Flash Carbon 29. Both will be equipped with Sram XX. The C-dale will be about a pound lighter with the lefty. Both are super sweet, right now I am leaning towards the bike I am already used too.

Unplanned Break

Posted on 10:43 AM by Schottler

I've had pneumonia since last Wednesday. My fever has been jumping around like crazy, going higher than I think I've ever seen it. The doctor gave me some good drugs and told me not do anything. It's now Tuesday and I've been sitting on the couch doing nothing since Wednesday night. The good news is my fever broke last night and is still normal. I'm going to guess my legs barely work anymore. But that probably doesn't matter since all the crap in my lungs won't even let me breathe anyway.

CX is such a brutal form of bike racing, you need everything to work well or you're not gonna have a good time. If you can't breathe, you won't have any power and will suffer horribly. The rest of the racing season is in question right now. There are about 6 CX races left, 2 of which are this upcoming weekend. I will try riding tomorrow morning easy for about an hour and see how it goes, not expecting much. Racing this weekend probably wouldn't be very smart, I'll see how I feel on Friday.

Realistically, if I could breathe fine, I would probably be back in race form in about two weeks. However I've read it can take a month before the coughing and lung crap come to and end. This means I could push myself to train and maybe be in good form for the last race of the year.

OR, I could take this as a sign to finally quit racing for the year and begin working on the bigger issues I was having which were planned for the winter "off season". That is, the SI/low back pain. I could start the gym time now and most likely get a positive result sooner and be ready for the first races of the year. Gym time now would be good for 2 other reasons. Cortisone still seems to be working and that will make the lifting much more bearable. The second reason is that BOCOMO has no off-season.

The longer I spend typing this thing out the more I seem to be making up my mind. Finally fixing my SI/back now is probably smarter than suffering through the training/racing post-pneumonia for the last 4 weekends. But, I want to race. Bad. I still feel like I have unfinished business and could have improved more by the end of the year. Can't always get what you want.

Suggestions? Or did my fortune cookie just tell me?

Tour of Missouri CX

Posted on 7:49 AM by Schottler

I don't know how much longer this cortisone is going to last, I am starting to ache a little in my right SI joint again. I woke up Saturday morning not being able to walk with sharp pain in my left SI. My season may be cut short, so I want to get as many races in as I can before I am immobile.

I woke up early Saturday morning to head to KC for the Boss Cross #3 race just a few minutes from my parents house. The usual stacked field was there with all the KCCX guys, Tradewind, among others. I somehow got on the front line at the start... and it was a fast start. Almost immediately it was Joseph Schmalz (KCCX), Jeff Winkler (KCCX), and myself riding away from the field together, very quickly.

The course was a lot of fun, but unfortunately for me there were 2 different sets of barriers. One set was up a hill before a full length volleyball court sand run. We had to run the v-ball court long ways twice each lap. I couldn't run that much, both SI joints were yelling at me.

(Photo props to Elizabeth Rangel)

I started pulling after near half away in and I still felt like I was riding well. Then Schmalz attacked and I couldn't match his pace, he rode away and didn't slow down at all. Shortly after that Winkler caught up to me and told me to get on his wheel to finish the race. I did, but then over-corrected a corner and shot into the tape. I tried to bridge back up to him but the running was taking its toll on me... not to mention his ridiculous motor. I think it was about 4 to go at this point and there was no one in sight behind me, I shut off the gas and cruised the rest of the race to conserve some energy for later.

Obviously the best way to recover after a cross race is drive from KC to STL. Thankfully my car has butt warmers, which were set to full blast to keep my back/SI loose. Bubba #4 was that night with a start time of 10PM, I rolled in a couple hours before.

The start was a little silly, more aggressive than the KC race, but for no reason. And there was more sand, great. I was hoping to run some more. The sand section was a 2 parter with a 180 degree turn in grass back to more sand. It was rideable, but there was a 1 foot 45 degree vertical dirt ledge at the end, which wasn't very visible. I tried riding it nearly every lap and managed to fall on it numerous times.

Butthead and I stuck to the team tactics the whole race. Hung out for a while and let the drama unfold at the front. With about 5 to go we attacked, with Butthead letting me sit on his wheel to try and recover. Thanks to him for waiting for me with a few stupid mistakes in the sand.

We got a pretty good gap and cruised the rest of the race with a viscous coasting sprint for a 1-2 finish. Turns out I crushed him by about a tire nob. Sorry.

(Photo props to Eville Mike)

Sunday was another race at the same park. Josh tweaked his back in the night race, and I was worn out. We went for an hour ride to St. Charles on some trails to loosen up. The start of the race wasn't as aggressive, but we stuck to the team tactics again. Josh was having tire pressure trouble and switched bikes twice, so I hung out in the back waiting for him. With about 4 to go we were back together and it was game on. I took a pull and Josh was having some obvious back pain. He gave me the green light to go for the win and he would do what he could. At this point Dan Miller was riding away from the lead group, probably 20 or so seconds ahead of me.

I floored it and bridged up to the chase group, passed the chase group, and bridged up to Dan. 3 to go I took a second to recover and attacked again and opened a gap on Dan. Cruise control at full gas was engaged the rest of the race. Dan took 2nd followed by Butthead and Devin Clark.

This course was the best of the Bubba series this year, lots of fun. HUGE thanks to Mike Weiss for letting Josh and I crash at his house.