Time to race again!

Posted on 11:15 AM by Schottler

Well, it's been 2 months and I haven't raced. At the last second last weekend I decided to race UFD Brommelseik in STL after getting my bike back together. Unfortunately, the rain had different ideas and cancelled the race. Instead I went riding through the woods with some friends to regain some technical skills. To my surprise I wasn't too nervous about flying through the trails with a freshly healed wrist that's just ready to snap once I hit the ground again. I wasn't as smooth or as fast, but still not bad.

I am driving out to Breckenridge this Sunday to race the Firecracker 50. It's my 4th year in a row racing it and my first year lining up with the Pro's. The 11,000 feet of climbing in 50 miles and maxing out at over 11,000 feet puts me at an obvious disadvantage with the local mountain goats, but I already know what to expect. Tactics this year will be different from last. At this elevation you can't redline yourself like at sea level. Locally I am able to skyrocket my hr at the start and hold it there and easily recover. When there's no oxygen, your body recovers MUCH more slowly. Last year I floored it up the first 1,500 foot vertical climb and suffered with no power the entire first 2+ hour lap. I sucked. But I learned, I will keep an eye on the hr and race my own race. With my fitness not where it should be, I don't know what to expect. My anaerobic capacity is coming back, but I am not in race shape. I can still motor all day at a tempo effort, but suffer beyond that.

Anyway, I am still super excited. I need a vacation, even 2 days out there will be great. The day after the race I plan on heading to Boulder and find some good dirt roads that go through the foothills for 4 hours or so, should be fun. This will probably put me over the edge on planning a move here.

The following weekend I have a gravel/road ride planned to KC. I have it mapped at 158 miles on the cx bike. Riding there and back at endurance/tempo effort should be some good Leadville training. I've never ridden that long before, but it shouldn't be a problem.

Functional Again

Posted on 7:09 PM by Schottler

Wrist brace is off, thank god.

X-rays looked great, the two fractures in my distal radius healed very quickly and well. I have to give a lot of the credit to Dr. Curt at Focus on Health Chiropractic. Just like with my SI joint issues, Dr. Curt again went beyond expectation to get me back on the bike as soon as possible. A method of doing this is osteogenic bone stimulation. Twice a week over the last 6 weeks I have gone in for acupuncture sessions with needles in my feet, legs, arms, and then right at the fracture site. The needles at the fracture site are placed into the bone and then hooked up to an electric current. It feels like a shock collar on the arm, but not as strong, and it doesn't really hurt... it just feels different. The idea behind it, which has shown to have very positive results in many research journals, stimulates osteoblasts. This is basically accelerating the body's response and effectiveness to healing the fracture site. Another great service provided by a fantastic chiropractor to get someone back to doing what they love!

As for training, I am finally off the trainer and outside again. Some people can effectively translate trainer rides to good fitness on the road... not me. I rode the trainer just about every day, with multiple rides some days. A lot of them were hard, there was no putting around. Yet somehow I totally suck. I've tried taking a few hard digs on the road, but I have nothing. No acceleration, no anaerobic capacity.

My wrist hurts with every bump in the road and I am not confident at all in my riding capability. So, I skipped the road races this weekend. The Firecracker 50 is just a couple weeks away and I need to get a my motor back. So, I have a 4-5 hour tempo/race-pace ride planned for tomorrow (Sunday), as well as a couple other 4-5 hour rides over the next week for last minute endurance training. Next weekend I will be racing mountain bikes somewhere to get some confidence in the woods.

Definitely starting to freak out.

Mega Motivation!

Posted on 8:57 AM by Schottler

It's been 5 weeks now and I have only had 1 awkward ride outside, the cast and wrist brace make holding on to the bars almost impossible. I have been on the trainer 1-2 times a day, which sounds awful, but I am almost getting used to it. I've started to appreciate what you can accomplish in a short amount of time. In addition to my new 'trainer nerd' outlook of training, I have just been handed a spot at the 2011 Leadville 100!!

I took a plunge in to a new training device to optimize my short attention span of riding the trainer. I tossed out (for sale) my Cycleops Fluid2 for the new Cycleops PowerBeam Pro w/ Joule 3.0. This thing is incredible! Any workout can be as detailed as possible... and there is no cheating in the workouts. You create workouts in the PowerAgent software with either target power, power range, power zone, or slope of a climb. Or, you can covert any ride you have done outside into a trainer ride! The trainer self-adjusts the resistance, so there is no need in staring at the computer and shifting or picking up the cadence to get to the wattage or zone you need to be at. The possibilities are pretty much endless for any type of training program. Program your workout, turn on some music, TV, or both, and pedal. This has been by show of choice for every single trainer ride:

But anyway, riding the trainer for 1-2 hours at a time can be a great way to work on strength, leg speed, expend kj's quickly, but not exactly ideal for long races.

Yesterday I got a totally unexpected phone call for a position at the 2011 Leadville 100. Sram is sponsoring a few hand selected people to compete in the event this year, and thanks to Doug Plumer (Sram sales rep) and Mike Weiss of Big Shark Bicycle Co., I was one of the very lucky people. If you are not familiar with the race, I recommend watching Race Across the Sky. Leadville 100 is now easily the most recognizable and difficult to get in to MTB race in the country. I've wanted to do it, but I have a bad track record of registering for races in time. I am unbelievably excited and very thankful for such great sponsors/team!

Like I said, I have been stuck on the trainer for the last 5 weeks with rides 2 hours or less. This stupid wrist brace comes off next Thursday and the doctor is going to give me the green light to do whatever I want. This includes Lost Valley Luau in STL a few days after. It's a fast and not very technical race which will be good, my wrist will be taped up and weak, I just need to get some time in the woods, I will probably be a little shakey and slow, definitely a no-risk race game plan. Besides that, I have the 50 mile Firecracker 50 in Breckenridge the 4th of July and Galena Grinder July 23rd, which are the next races of the USAC PRO UET series. I am ranked 2nd in the series and I would like to keep my name high up in the ranks. Either way, it's great training for a long race.

Once the brace comes off, my training will be targeting 50+ mile races. This will still include the trainer for developing power, leg speed, and the huge aerobic capacity required for long climbs... but I will be putting in some much needed long hours outside. I think I have the ability to get a top 20 at Leadville... which if consistent with the last few years would get me a top 3 in my age group. Crazy goal? I dunno.